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ISO 14001

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001:2004 is an international standard that gives requirements for an organisation’s Environmental Management System (EMS). It is part of a family of standards published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) often referred to collectively as the ISO 14000 series.

Why should my organisation implement ISO 14001?
Many companies see the introduction of a environmental management system as a major step forward in complying with environmental laws and regulations. Others simply react to customer demands that their suppliers should have suitable systems.

Why should my organisation apply for ISO 14001 certification?
Satisfactory assessment of your management system leads to the award of a certificate of registration. The value of a certificate of registration and its credibility depends on the organisation that issues it and the status that the organisation has gained in the market place.

Benefits of ISO 14001
• Increasing sales opportunities
• Supply chain advantage where some markets require ISO 14001 Registration, some markets favor companies with ISO 14001 Registration
• Financial improvement and savings
• Enhanced company image; Many organizations are asked by a customer to obtain registration as a requirement to continue or to start doing business with them.
•  Reduce risk: Prevent incidents such as pollution releases and clean-up costs, as well as non-compliance with legislation and subsequent prosecution
•  Complying with environmental laws and regulations