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Internal Audit Services

Once you have a management system established, it is essential to undertake regular internal auditing so that you benefit from ongoing improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and control.

Management system audits should be:

  1. Planned and scheduled at regular intervals
  2. Completed by an impartial auditor

Failure to complete internal audits will create problems:

  1. Internally - not checking verification of your procedures
  2. Externally - unwanted non-conformances

What Are the Benefits of Having an Independent Internal Auditor ?

  • •   Naturally impartial to the audit process, so will have an unbiased view
  • •   Experienced, to a much greater degree than internal staff, so can give wide ranging advice
  • •  Knowledge - especially important in Health and Safety and environmental management systems
  • •   Organization, so audits are planned and scheduled, so will be completed regularly and on time
  • •  A "fresh look” - much more likely to spot any errors than an internal auditor
  • •   Minimal distraction because employees have little involvement is managing or running the process