Thara Consultants

Business, Accounting & Financial Advisory

Our operations focus on four main consulting disciplines, which it deploys to assist our clients in developing their business.

1. Strategy and Organisation:

  • Assessing Strategic Options
  • Developing Corporate/Business Unit strategies
  • Assessing market demand, financial feasibilities and assessing returns
  • Developing financial models
  • Developing Business Plans

2. Corporate Finance:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Transaction analysis.
  • Advising on Assets Management.
  • Business due diligence.

3. Banking:

  • Facilitating fund / debt raising process for new projects.
  • Facilitating equity raising process for new projects.
  • Restructure of existing portfolio.
  • Arranging Working Capital facilities.
  • Arranging non-fund based facilities.
  • Act as liaison between Banks and the Clients for their credit requirements and fund raising.
  • Project appraisal and preparation of DPR (Detailed Project Report).

4. Accounting:

  • Drafting Procedure Manual.
  • Structuring the Organisation of Accounting department.
  • Maintenance of Payroll and related services.
  • Writing up Books and Accounts and completing Audit.
  • Suggesting and Sourcing Accounting Software and its implementation