Thara Consultants

Machine & Production Line Analysis & Improvement

Did your machine produce non-conforming products? Is it operating as efficiently and productivity as it can? Before scrapping or system obsolete of your entire machine, consider an upgrade instead.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) — Thara Consultants optimizes your machine efficiency and manufacturing operation through complete data collection, inspection, testing and measurement design to pinpoint areas of improvement, help you identify the best methods to recover performance and reduce time, waste and manpower on your project.

Data collection – Collecting data from every section of your production line or machine is an essential function to analyze performance, efficiency and waste on your machine or production line. To optimize productivity and meet budget and specs, Thara Consultants ensures complete data collection, including parts per minute, inspection details, device faults, percentage of rejects and other test and measurement results

Latest news:

Nov. 25, 2012
THARA Certification Services is having direct accreditation with (Standardization and Metrology director, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Bahrain) for QMS certification