Thara Consultants

Conceptual Machine Design & Applications Engineering

Getting new machine for production requirements to achieve company target and requirement, require starts with getting the right specification, right quote and conceptual machine design. Thara Consultants can help you reduce high costs for components, labor or secondary sources through application costing and second opinions on your vendors’ bids. We also help ensure your production line or machine runs as smoothly as possible by revealing troublesome technical problems and inefficiencies related to your machine through reverse engineering.

Bid Analysis costing – Thara Consultant analyzes all submitted tenders by breaking down material, labor and design estimations quoted for your system. Getting a highly-qualified second opinion on your machine or production line quote to ensure you are getting the best deal. Thara Consultants analyzes your quoted estimate to find inflated labor expenses and second sourced OEM equipment costs. High component costs, which often stem from loyalties to specific device manufacturers, may also drive up your system price. Knowing your machine component specifications inside and out is essential to ensure someone else doesn’t choose your parts for you. Uncovering these monetary drains will start your project off right by saving you money before it’s too late.

Reverse engineering – Evaluating the comprehensive inner-workings of each subcomponent of your project through reverse engineering can expose any technical problems, inefficiencies or drain in your project’s design. This process can prevent permanent design problem and ensure the company will be achieved the target by installing reliable production line. Reverse engineering is also useful to improve documentation that is incorrect, incomplete or unavailable.

Latest news:

Nov. 25, 2012
THARA Certification Services is having direct accreditation with (Standardization and Metrology director, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Bahrain) for QMS certification