Thara Consultants


Maintenance outsourcing Services & Infrared Thermo graphic Survey - Bahrain

    • THARA Maintenance Solutions have been providing support and services for client’s large and small company. By establishing good working relationships with a number of industry associates we are able to offer services that can be climbed up or down according to your business supplies.

      Our main service offerings are listed below:

  •      •  Machine vibration analysis
    •      •  Oil analysis
    •      •  Thermal Imaging surveys
    •      •  Maintenance Inventory Procurement
    •      •  Inventory Stores Management
    •      •  Maintenance Management

Latest news:

Nov. 25, 2012
THARA Certification Services is having direct accreditation with (Standardization and Metrology director, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Bahrain) for QMS certification