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Procurement strategy

    • Successful Maintenance Procurement Strategy
      THARA offer plain and simple basic solutions that will be capable of being implemented immediately to help your organization move forward quickly. To do this
  •       • THARA will develop Policy and Procedural documentation link with Total Quality Control process.
  •       •  THARA believe that the overall process must always remain simple and transparent.

To develop this it is necessary to step through and look at the following process.

  •       •  Organizational Structure
  •       •  Process Documentation
  •       •  Quality Documentation
  •       •  Support Systems

There are also several important aspects that must be dealt with to develop a Successful Procurement Strategy.

  •       •  Customer Expectation Level
  •       •  Professional Relationships
  •       •  Product Design Criteria / Specification
  •       •  Inventory and Materials Management

 “Any decision to change or challenge is always at the least a decision to explore new strategies and cross over existing boundaries. It is about the future.”

In order to develop a Successful Maintenance Procurement Strategy let THARA help you and your procurement team identify areas for improvement, and help you develop an implementation plan that will work for your organization

Latest news:

Nov. 25, 2012
THARA Certification Services is having direct accreditation with (Standardization and Metrology director, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Bahrain) for QMS certification